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Grace Grissom began making her delicious salads on
Nashville’s Historic Second Avenue back in 1955.

If you’ve lived in the South very long, chances are you grew up
eating Mrs. Grissom’s delicious pimento cheese spread, chicken, ham,
and tuna salad. The reason they're so delicious is that Mrs. G is very finicky
about what goes into her famous salads, sandwich spreads and salsa.

Even after a half century, Grace Grissom still oversees the preparation process.
Your mother knew that meals made with Mrs. Grissom’s Salads would be wholesome,
nutritious and easy to fix. That’s why she trusted Mrs. Grissom’s and that’s why
you can too. When your kids are served snacks made with Mrs. Grissom’s sandwich spreads,
rest assured that they are getting the very best that Mrs. G has to offer.

Don’t settle for anything less!